Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Simple Moment: Christmas Time, Photo Time

{my simple moment} – A new ritual. A single photo, maybe two – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, significant, blessed moment. A moment I want to treasure and remember
inspired by SouleMama
"Christmas Time, Photo Time"

Monday, November 10, 2014

My First Photography Contest

I did it, I crossed something off of my 30 before 30 list!! Woot, woot.

As soon as a co-worker shared this small, local festival contest I knew that this was the one I was going to attempt. The rules of the contest are simple.
  1. All photographs must be taken in Florida.
  2. All photographs should address one of the following topics: Florida historic sites or landmarks 
  3. The contest is limited to 4 entries per person. 2 color and 2 black and white or sepia 
  4. All entries must be 5x7 or 8x10
Luckily, I live near a historical Florida site so that is where I went to take my pictures. This particular site is not large so locations are a little limited, but it is one of my favorite scenic places.

 I wandered, tried different angles and finally settled on these three pictures to submit. What do you think? My Hubby's favorite is the black and white one.

These are not the most artistically complex photographs. I'll be the first to say that out loud. I am by no means a professional who can work Photoshop magic with a flick and a click. What I love most about these pictures is the color! Do you see what I mean? Subtle contrasts and tones. 

We'll see what happens Saturday when the pictures are judged. My goal is not to win. Don't get me wrong it would be cool, but the 30 before 30 was my main motivation to enter. So I have done that and crossing off that goal is good enough for now. Who knows? Maybe I will enter another contest down the road or focus on my editing skills to more complexity. 

Have you accomplished a goal recently? I would love to hear about it!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Not So Simple Saturday

Parents have a tendency to multitask. Kudos to all the moms and dads out there who juggle so much while attempting to maintain sanity and structure. The struggle is real!

Here is my so far and it is only 9:18 AM as I begin to write this post.

  1. Up at 6:00 am and after I finish making my cup of coffee my kiddo wakes up ready to greet the day.
  2. Make Little Miss chocolate milk.
  3. Use nasal aspirator to suck out buggers from sinus infection.
  4. Snuggle on couch and watch cartoons
  5. Offer former student help on Facebook with her college paper
  6. Make a pancake and bacon breakfast
  7. Post two pictures on Instagram for #ourthankful30
  8. Eat breakfast with kiddo
  9. Get kiddo dressed (mommy still in PJs)
  10. Do kiddo's hair and brush her teeth
  11. More bugger sucking
  12. Clean Up kitchen
  13. Remind self to drink water
  14. Fold two baskets of laundry
  15. Work on grocery list of morning trip to Walmart
  16. Meal plan for dinner this week
  17. Get kiddo a mid morning snack
  18. Try to get dressed and make self presentable to the world. 
  19. Put in movie for kiddo
  20. Write blog post after inspiration strikes 
  21. Still in PJs at this point--Hubby back from garbage run. Maybe now I can sneak away to bedroom and get dressed! LOL
Parents you are awesome! I hope you hear that today or at the very least feel appreciated. Have a great day.