Monday, July 27, 2015

A Photo Session for Yours Truly

I had the opportunity to step in front of the camera for the first time in a while and to take it even better my husband wanted to take some pictures with me! For those who don't know, my Hubby does not enjoy taking pictures so for him to do this is a BIG DEAL! I love him and I want that portrayed in photos on my wall!

My two friends, Tina and Helen, did the photo session for us! We picked a theme and locale and hit Pinterest for ideas. All three of us love photography and enjoy getting the opportunity to share, collaborate and learn through experiences like this one. I think that they did an amazing job. I felt so comfortable and at ease. And when someone can capture a smile from my Hubby...a genuine smile...they are worth their weight in gold!

I definitely have some favorites and I've only seen a couple pictures so far! I think I will be using them to update my blog and Facebook page. What do you think? Do you see a picture you are loving? You see that is the thing about pictures. We all see and love different things about them. Photos capture moments and memories. Not only that, they can show personality in unique and beautiful ways. Simple Significance at its best. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Cousin Photography Fun

I was recently contacted by a former student about doing to pictures for her grandmother. Of course, I was thrilled! The photo shoot took place this week after a little planning and setting it up on both ends.

The weather was perfect, the farm setting was lovely and my models/clients were super sweet!

This was the  first picture I posted on my Facebook page as a sneak peek. I love how it looks in both color and B&W. What do you think?

I haven't gotten far into the editing of this session yet because I have been busy with Little Miss activities, but when I came across this picture of Miss Savannah I gave myself a mental high five because I think this one came out beautifully. I mean come on...those eyes!?

Some more photos that I am loving because of beautiful colors. I did a little color boost in PSE.

I've got more photos to edit and I am sure I will stumble across another favorite or two....or three. What a beautiful family for sure! You could feel the love and playfulness. And I think that will come out in their photos!

{Project 365} Day 178: Sky

Day 178: Sky

I took this picture standing in my doorway a while back. I am reposting for the project. Don't you love the beauty of nature?